The Arts Society Harrow

The Arts Society Harrow
(formerly Harrow Decorative & Fine Arts Society)

The Arts Society Harrow meets for Lectures on the


2nd Thursday of the month 
between 10.30am and 12.00pm 

at Harrow and District Masonic Centre, Northwick Circle, 
Kenton, HA3 0EL.

Visitors fee now £8 per visit and visitors must be booked in.  (Email: harrownadfas@gmail.com)

Welcome back after the Summer break.  Our first Lecture will be on 14th September 2017:

Degas and Modern Life

Thursday14th September 2017

Lecturer: Dr Kathy McLauchlan

Many stories are told about Degas: that he was a misogynist (the evidence is contradictory); that he was an Impressionist (that depends on how one defines Impressionism). This talk concentrates Degas's images of modern life, including portraits and genre scenes, and compares them with works by contemporaries including Manet, Renoir, Whistler and Monet. The aim will be to unpick the myths from the realities of Degas's work, and to attempt an explanation for the strange, often contradictory nature of his modernity.

 Thursday 12th October 2017
AGM at 10.30am
Lecture at 11.00am

Henry Moore:
A Revolution in British Sculpture
Lecturer: Jo Walton

Thursday 9th November 2017

Jane Austen - A life
Lecturer: Jane Tapley

Dr Kathy McLauchlan

Graduated at Oxford University and the Courtauld Institute. In 2001 completed a PhD thesis on French painteres in Rome during the 19th century. A freelance lecturer specialising in 19th century art history, she has published catalogues and articules for the British Council and the Barbican Art Gallery. Currently a course director at the Victoria & Albert Museum, where she organises courses and study days on the history of art and design.

Please could you register your visitors 
before the Lecture 
We would also be very appreciative if you 
could let us know 
if you are unable to come, 
so that we can make sure everyone is accommodated.  Thank you to all those who have kept us informed.

Outing on Thursday 28th September 2017

 to Winchester Cathedral, 

Jane Austen's House Museum

Chawton, Hampshire

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