The Arts Society Harrow
(formerly Harrow Decorative & Fine Arts Society)

The Arts Society Harrow meets for Lectures on the


2nd Thursday of the month 
between 10.30am and 12.00pm

at Harrow and District Masonic Centre, Northwick Circle, 
Kenton, HA3 0EL.

Visitors fee now £8 per visit and visitors must be booked in.  (Email: harrownadfas@gmail.com)

The Sutton Hoo Ship-Burial

The extraordinarily rich hoard found at Sutton Hoo dates to the early C7th and tells us a great deal about the wealth of the country at the time, inter-action with other cultures and status within Anglo-Saxon society. What we cannot yet prove is who was buried within the ship in the mound although the popular theory is that it was King Readwald of East Anglia.

This lecture uses images of the treasures found as well as Old English poetry to discuss kingship and power in Anglo-Saxon England.

Please could you register your visitors 
before the Lecture 
We would also be very appreciative if you 
could let us know 
if you are unable to come, 
so that we can make sure everyone is accommodated.  Thank you to all those who have kept us informed.

Exhibition Hall at Sutton Hoo

Tranmer House, Sutton Hoo
The home of Mrs Edith Pretty - a warm and comfortable house that sits overlooking the River Deben and the town of Woodbridge. With wood-panelled interiors, marble fireplace, and views across to the famous burial mounds, Tranmer House is the perfect place to discover the story of the 1930s archaeological digs

Lecture on Thursday 8 June 2017

Lecturer: Imogen Corrigan FRSA
I was in the army for nearly 20 years and then turned to a life-long interest with the result that in 2004 I graduated from the University of Kent with a 1st class honours degree in Anglo-Saxon and Medieval History. I returned to studying to research ‘The Development and Function of the Foliate Head in English Medieval Churches’ (Green Men in usual parlance) at Birmingham and submitted my thesis for an M.Phil at the end of May 2016. It still hasn’t been marked because the academics are on strike. No comment! I will never regret the research, not least visiting over a thousand churches in England and cathedrals all over Europe to find evidence. I have an extensive picture library, as you can imagine, a thorough knowledge of English churches in general and may have seen more foliate heads than anyone else alive.

Outing to Woodbridge &
Sutton Hoo on
Thursday 29 June 2017

Awe-inspiring Anglo-Saxon royal burial site
This hauntingly beautiful 255 acre estate, with far-reaching views over the river Deben, is home to one of the greatest archaeological discoveries of all time. Walk around the ancient burial mounds and discover the incredible story of the ship burial of an Anglo-Saxon king and his treasured possessions.
Come face to face with your ancestors and explore our award-winning exhibition, the full-size reconstruction of the burial chamber, stunning replica treasures and original finds from one of the mounds, including a prince's sword. Look inside the Edwardian house or enjoy the beautiful seasonal colours on our estate walks.

Tickets for this outing will be on sale at our lecture on 8th June.  Cost will be £21.  Non-members of the National Trust will have to pay an extra £7.50 entrance fee to Sutton Hoo on the day.  Roger has done a short introduction to Woodbridge which he will be giving on the coach on the way up. 

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